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we are transforming
the financial world

Offline mobile blockchain with banks partnership and crypto-fiat license

market size
of global
payments 2020
$2 Trillion
market cap
of cryptomarket
1q 2018
$0.8 Trillion
Digital assets have tremendous potential to reshape the global financial system and enable possibilities previously unimaginable. For this to happen, the island of digital assets must be connected to the financial mainland.
Our mission is to build a real and sustainable bridge between the old world of money and new world of money. Our team consists of the top technologists and security engineers.

What we do for...


You are the payment system for yourself
We are building a next generation model of payment system. Only You are the Beneficiary, Fund manager and Security for your money.

We provide secure app, decentralized payment services such as p2p lending and centralized payment service in cryptocurrency, such as deposit, loans, insurance and wealth managment.

We focus on mobile technology and crystal interfaces (ux/ui) for people of every age.


The complete toolkit for internet business
We offer acquiring, payment and finance managment tools with the legal support that help you easily scale your company to the global market and reach more customers.

Manage effectively your cash flow and payments in crypto-fiat currencies.


Issue and regulation of the national crypto currency
Our solution allows Governments build a new payment system and blockchain ecosystem in their countries.

Our technology can be the part of national financial platform that can help regulate and control local cryptocurrency flow, optimize budget on cross-border payment and emission stable national cryptocurrency.

Powering Blockchain
for DAPPS and financial transactions

We are connecting best
practice and IT-solutions
Built on the most advanced blockchain technology for fintech that is scalable, fast and secure
Fast and cheap
Fast and cheap
Due to the structure of light nodes and 3D-blockchain, it was possible to achieve throughput of 10,000 per second with transaction costs less than 1 cent.
We continue our experiments and research to increase the speed of the blockchain.
POS/POW chain
POS/POW chain
The most successful combination of consensus protocols, which compensates for the weaknesses of individual.
We save a lot of energy, reward miners and still have a cheapest transactions validation.
open API
open API
Our payment platform provides you with several RESTful APIs to build exactly the product or app you want.
Depending on your businesses need, you can easily connect with our APIs for Accounts & Cards, Lending or Payments.
Fast blockchain payments and transaction in bitcoin forks blockchains (BCH, BTG). Payment speed measured in milliseconds to seconds.
Cryptographic tool to verify transactions while protecting users' privacy. This technology is used by the most anonymous currency Zcash and now being implemented in Ethereum blockchain.
Atomic swaps
Atomic swaps
Cross-chain atomic swaps can occur off-chain instantly with heterogeneous blockchain consensus rules. So long as the chains can support the same cryptographic hash function, it is possible to make transactions across blockchains without trust in 3rd party custodians.
Plasma is a proposed framework for incentivized and enforced execution of smart contracts which is scalable to a significant amount of state updates per second (potentially billions) enabling the blockchain to be able to represent a significant amount of decentralized financial applications worldwide.
smart contract
smart contract
Programs that we use for manage digital asset, financial services, manage our CryptoFund, building a refund system in e-commerce and employment contracts for business.
We use identification by face-id, voice and printing type.
Our financial solutions are fully secured by Multi-Sig technology, SSL encryption, 2-Factor Authentication, cold storage, smart backup and manual withdrawals to ensure your funds remain safe and secure.

Secure & commission-free


Wallet, Card and X-change

We are building a service that is beautiful, effective, professional and safe
Plasma Wallet

One Wallet for all your crypto currencies and Fiat. Our wallet allows you to manage all your savings in one place, with the greatest user experience. 

Plasma Card + Phantom Card

Instant Conversion to Fiat. Spend your cryptocurrency anywhere using your phone, sign with your fingerprint or use the Plasma Debit Card. It converts your cryptocurrencies to Fiat in real-time with the best exchange rates. Pay or withdraw anywhere VISA/MasterCard are accepted. Order the card thats suits your personality best.
Phantom card is the extension that you can use for protection your online purchasing process on any e-commerce platform.

Plasma X-change

Built-in wallet exchange. Exchange any of your coins and Fiat money inside the app. Invest your savings in any tokens of your choice and hold them in our wallet.

Plasma Wallet (coming on 1st quarter of 2019)
become an early adopter
Beta wallet launch - 2nd quarter of 2018

Payment services


Apps and services that are rethinking payment and e-commerce at all
For Individual

Crypto and Fiat multicurrency wallet
Hot, Cold and Paper Storage
Deposit your cryptocurrency with interest rate
Send, Receive and withdraw worldwide
Transfer funds from your bank or payment card
Exchange currencies inside the app
Pay for products and services at online
Get an individual debit card (plastic or virtual)
Manage your finance seamlessly
Send or receive currency via messangers
Personal AI advisor for savings and investing
P2P Lending with lower interest rates
Online Insurance

For Business

Multi-currency company account
Manage your cashflow and income
Accept cryptocurrency payments
Pay to your team with cryptocurrency
Build smartcontracts with your employees
Pay for online services
Smart expenses report
API and integrations
mPOS app for retailers
Online acquiring modules for e-commerce

Will be available for all major mobile and desktop platforms
Challenge to become a part of global payment system
Will support contactless payment via NFC
Chat bots available for popular messengers

Long-Term Vision

Plasma Foundation


Opensource, scientists and startup support

We support the brightest minds and ambitious projects both in the blockchain and other progressive technologies, that can be useful for e-commerce, payment, scoring and career building.

If you have dreamteam, well-developed business model, technical MVP, send us your application and we will find exactly how we can help you.


total enlightenment

Blockchain and crypto-currencies break into our everyday life, that 99% of us does not understand what is happening.

In 2018 we will launch an online education platform with online courses. It will help everyone to understand the possibilities of blockchain technologies and the future that it prepares for us.


Blockchain broadcasting from the satellites in space

Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have a mission to connect everyone across the continent through the satellites with free internet.

We will support and take part in ambitious projects such as Blockstream Satellite Network. This is an opportunity for nearly 4 billion people without internet access to utilize cryptocurrency and giving almost everyone on the planet the opportunity to join the economic revolution.